Health Tip: Schedule Baby’s First Dental Visit


It’s never too early to begin caring for the teeth, so your baby should visit the dentist soon after the first tooth emerges.

The American Dental Association offers these suggestions to help parents plan baby’s first dental visit:

  • Schedule the appointment in the morning, when children are often well-rested and tend to be more cooperative.
  • Focus on the positive and minimize your own worry. Don’t let your child pick up on any of your concerns or anxiety.
  • Never threaten your child with a visit to the dentist.
  • Do not bribe your child to visit the dentist.
  • Have a discussion about going to the dentist so your child can prepare.

Here at our office, we see patients as early as one year old. This visit is focused on educating the parent on how to properly care for their baby’s’ teeth. Most times, the baby does not sit in the dental chair at all! A quick look at the teeth (if baby allows) and the appointment is soon complete! Unfortunately if baby does not cooperate or tolerate our work as he/she grows up, we would then have to refer the child to a pedodontist, which is a dentist specializing in children’s oral health.

We would love to meet your little one! Schedule an appointment with us today!


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